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Massey Ferguson 1700 Series

A sub-compact tractor is an excellent choice for tackling everyday jobs that don't require massive power or maximum hauling capacity. When adding attachments, you can use these versatile, agile machines for tasks like mowing, brush clearing, tree planting, irrigation installation and material moving.

Holt Ag Solutions offers Massey Ferguson sub-compact tractors that can handle a wide range of conditions and applications on farms, landscaping sites and other areas. These surprisingly strong and highly maneuverable tractors will help you complete jobs faster and more efficiently.

Key MF 1700 Benefits

Incorporating these innovative sub-compact tractors into your work processes provides numerous benefits:

  • Increased comfort: With advanced features like an integrated load joystick, a thick rubber floor mat, cruise control and tilt steering, tractor operators will stay comfortable and productive throughout the workday. A rear-mounted radiator with a removable mesh screen keeps hot air off the operator by pushing it forward over the engine.
  • Flexibility: You can use your tractor to maintain your property throughout the year. It can even help clear snow in the mountainous regions of California and Oregon or prepare food plots, clear trails and set up tree stands for hunting season.
  • Efficiency: The smaller engine size and larger fuel tank enable 1700 Series machines to consume fuel more efficiently. Lower fuel consumption can lower your operating costs.
  • Maneuverability: Any MF 1700 for sale will perform flawlessly in tight spots that larger machines cannot access. The smaller footprint and lighter weight minimize the risk of terrain damage.
  • Easy storage: These sub-compact tractors are simple to store at the end of the day. They fit easily into a shed or garage, allowing you to protect them from the elements when they're not in use.

Choose the Best 1700 Model for Your Needs

The MF 1700 Series is available in two model types:

  • Massey Ferguson 1723: This economy tractor sub-series is perfect for tackling home projects with 22.5HP.
  • Massey Ferguson 1725: Consider this version if you need slightly more engine power and hydraulic pumping capacity. At 24.5 HP, the MF 1725 gives you the extra power you need to get the job done.

Optional features available with both tractor versions include loaders, backhoes and mowers. They also have the same maximum load capacity of 870 pounds.

Holt Ag Solutions Is a Full-Service Massey Ferguson Dealer

When you purchase a Massey Ferguson 1700 Series tractor from Holt Ag Solutions, you'll get complete support during and after the buying process. Our equipment experts will help you select the best model for your applications and budget. We can also assist you in exploring various financing options to make the equipment even more affordable.

Our vast inventory of replacement parts and components will extend your tractor's life span. Our skilled service technicians can perform timely preventive maintenance and repairs to keep your machines in peak operating condition.

Learn More About the Massey Ferguson 1700 Series

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